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Go Ye Therefore

Posted 4 months ago

Leadership Issues: Compassion Part 1

Practice People Skills-Song of Solomon 5:1-6:13

What do leaders learn from the book Song of Solomon? Leaders must relate to their people from the soul, not nearly by protocol. The best way to overcome problems is to involve your heart, not just your head. When we fail at something, we tend to see why it happened and cut ourselves some slack; we may even make excuses for our mistakes. We deal with ourselves using our heart. Yet we often neglect the heart when dealing with others. We can be direct and even demanding. It really works best to switch the whole thing around. When dealing with yourself, use your head. When dealing with others, use your heart.

Join me next time for Leadership Issues: Compassion Part 2

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 5 months ago

Leadership Qualities: Generosity Part 5

Building Generosity Into Your Life

Nothing speaks to others more loudly or serves them better than a leader's generosity. Effective leaders gather for others, then give it away. Consider several ways to cultivate generosity in your own life:

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 5 months ago

Leadership Qualities: Generosity Part 4

Ananias and Sapphira Pretended-Acts 5:1-11 (negative)

Leaders give of themselves liberally-as least, they did in the New Testament. The whole church enjoyed unity and generosity, and it all stared at the top. The example of the apostles spread a spirit of generosity throughout the whole church. Ananias and Sapphira pretended to give all the proceeds from the sale of their land. Their sin was not lack of generosity, but lack of honesty. They lied about what they had done. They wanted to be thought of as generous without paying the price.

Lets look more closely at the problem and itemize it. Ananias and Sapphira . . .

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 5 months ago

Leadership Qualities: Generosity Part 3

Leaders Give First-Ecclesiastes 11:1-9

Solomon counsels leaders to be generous, giving before they receive. And why should leaders initiate giving? Because they know they will eventually receive a hefty return. Wise leaders embrace the following truths about generosity:

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 5 months ago

Leadership Qualities: Generosity Part 2 

Boaz Doesn't Keep Score-Ruth 2:8-4:10 (positive) 

Leaders must be generous, predisposed to give their resources to others. They believe a candle losses nothing when it lights another. 

Boaz's generous spirit surfaced immediately when he saw Ruth. He asked the reapers about her identity, then expressed his generosity to her. Boaz displayed his generous leadership in several ways: 

  1. He was generous with his compassion. He told Ruth not to glean anywhere else; she would get all she needed from him. 

  1. He was generous with his compliments. He noticed her sacrifice and complimented her efforts. 

  1. He was generous with his courtesy. He invited her to join his staff for a meal, kindly serving her all she wanted. 

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 6 months ago

The Law of Magnetism Part 3

Do You Like What You See?

What do you have to offer followers? Is the attraction mutual?

You will discover a lot about yourself by looking at the people your leadership has been attracting. What you observe may please you, but if you aren't getting the kind or the number of followers you'd like, there's good news. You need not be stuck where you are. You can grow and change in this area of your leadership.

David Attracted Loyal Risk Takers-1 Chronicles 11:10-23

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 7 months ago

The Law of Magnetism Part 1

 Joshua Says Good-Bye-Joshua 23:1-24:28


Joshua's farewell speech urged Israel to stay passionately committed to God. Joshua reminded the people of God's faithfulness, warned them against disobedience and concluded, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" (Josh. 24:15). Everyone followed Joshua's convictions during his lifetime, for he made them both attractive and magnetic.


Elijah and Elisha-2 Kings 2:1-15