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Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Issues: Calling Part 4


God's Call and Empowerment-Jeremiah 1:4-10


God's call and His empowerment always match. When God calls you to do something, He always provides the empowerment to fulfill the calling.


If God calls you, heed the call. He will also give you the resources to accomplish the work. But if He hasn't called You, don't conjure up some self-appointment. If He doesn't send you, you will not ultimately succeed. Note the circumstances of God's call on Jeremiah's life:


Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Issues: Calling Part 3


Call of a Leader-Isaiah 6:1-8


God has a message and is looking for messengers. God issued a general call, for anyone, and Isaiah took it personally. He did so because of three factors that make up a divine call to lead:

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 7

Stand for Truth-2 Peter 2:1-6

Peter earnestly warns his readers about false teachers. These false leaders exploit God's people. Therefore, God has chosen to punish them and rescue those who stand for what is right.

Peter illustrates his point by contrasting self-appointed leaders with godly leaders:

  1.     The fall of the angels: God cast them into prison to preserve the godly.
  2.     The days of Noah: God sent the flood, but rescued Noah.
  3.     The destruction of Sodom: God destroyed the city, but spared Lot.

It is never easy to take a courageous stand; there is always a price. It always seems cheaper to . . .

  1.     Stand for what is easy: Some leaders look for the easy road and take it.
  2.     Stand for what is popular: Some leaders check the pulse of the majority.
  3.     Stand for what is comfortable: Some leaders choose what fits them best.
  4.     Stand for what is convenient: Some leaders do what fits their calendar.
  5.     Stand for what is beneficial: Some leaders stand for what profits them.
  6.     Stand for what is wrong: Some leaders simply stand for the wrong issues.

Join me next time for Leadership Issues: Calling Part 1.

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 6

One Person a Majority-Acts 4:10-13

Leadership requires courage. All leaders need courage to:
1.    Seek the truth: You never find yourself until you face the truth.
2.    Change: Courage is the power to let go of the familiar.
3.    Express convictions: Convictions help us stand alone. The test of courage comes when we're in the minority.
4.    Overcome obstacles: Whatever you do, someone will think you're wrong. Expect trouble. Project courage.
5.    Learn and grow: You haven't learned until you step out, take a risk, and so something new.
6.    Take the high road: There is no traffic jam on the second mile.
7.    Lead others: Leadership is the expression of courage that compels others to do the right thing.

Taking a Stand-2 Timothy 2:22-3:17

Courage is the first essential quality for effective leadership. Leaders initiate and take a stand even when no one else travels with them. Paul prepares Timothy for this act with his words:
1.    There is something to prevent: Leaders must flee temptations, such as pleasure and power, that ruin their personal lives.
2.    There are some things to pursue: Leaders must chase after qualities that will build their character and integrity.
3.    There are some things to portray: Leaders must model right attitudes so that others will want to submit to God.
4.    There are some things to perceive: Leaders must read the times and take responsibility to hold firm to what is right.
5.    There is something to pronounce: Leaders must hold forth God's Word and use it as a standard for training.

Join me next time for Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 7

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 5

John Demonstrates-Matthew 3:1-10

John prepared the people for Jesus' ministry with a unique ministry of his own, courageously calling people to repent and live out what they claimed to believe.

John confronted Pharisees, common people who lived hypocritically, and even king Herod himself. Note how his courageous leadership demonstrated itself:

  1. John preached a clear message; the Pharisees, a complex one.
  2. John cared more about his integrity than about his image.
  3. John had stronger convictions than his critics.

How did John become so courageous? What helped him build his courage?

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 4

Permission to Take Risks-Ezra 3:7

Most people need permission to take a risk. Taking a risk is tough for most people. Usually, a leader must step forward and give men and women permission to take a risk, step out, and make sacrifices. Most people generally take the path of least resistance and migrate toward comfort zones. This is why leaders must both model courage and call forth courage from others.

One Person Standing with God-Jeremiah 15:15-21

Jeremiah acted with courage when no one else seemed to be able to do so. He endured in his struggle to stand courageously:

  1. He was neglected.
  2. He was mistreated.
  3. He was lonely.
  4. He endured continual discouragement.
  5. He felt let down by God.

God gave His prophet courage by giving him a . . .

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 3

Elijah's Fire and Passion-1 Kings 18:1-40 (positive)

Leaders always need courage. No one who wants to bring about change can manage without courage. Courage flamed in Elijah's heart because:

  1. His resolution outweighed his reservations. Although greatly outnumbered, Elijah resolved that Baal had to be confronted at any cost.
  2. His desire outweighed his desperation. Although it meant risk, Elijah wanted to honor Yahweh more than anything else.
  3. His compassion outweighed his complaints. Although Elijah hated the people's attitude, he wanted them to find and follow Yahweh.

Let the Fire Fall

As Elijah worshiped and prayed, he mustered the courage to call down fire from heaven. The fire inside of him drew down the fire of God, decisively defeating Baal.

The question for leaders today. When will the "fire" come down in our leadership? According to Elijah, the fire comes . . .

Go Ye Therefore

Posted 1 year ago

Leadership Qualities: Courage Part 2

One Item Saul Forgot-1 Samuel 10:17-13:14 (negative)

Observe the leadership of Saul:

  1. When the time arrives to anoint Saul as king, he hides among the baggage.
  2. When Samuel asks Saul to lead, he excuses himself as unable.
  3. When Saul's soldiers begin to scatter, he panics and disobeys his divine orders.
  4. When confronted over his sin, Saul makes excuses for himself.
  5. When Saul attacks the Amalekites, he is afraid to trust God and destroy the enemy.
  6. When Saul fears losing the allegiance of the people, he builds a statue of himself.
  7. When the Philistines face Israel, Saul's fear prevents him from negotiating.
  8. When David gains popularity, Saul's insecurity drives him to attempted murder.

Lessons from Saul