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Season Principle

It is helpful to recognize that we go through different seasons of life. There’s a season of being single, of being a newlywed, of raising young children, of being a young adult, of parenting teens and there are empty-nesters. Finally, there are the golden years at the twilight of life.

Seasons aren’t purely biological; interspersed through life are seasons of loss, seasons of pain, seasons of stress, seasons of joy. It’s helpful to look at life in terms of seasons. Every season will have unique challenges and each season will have unique blessings. We all remember the challenges of the infant years: sleep deprivation and a lack of appreciation.

It’s helpful to articulate the challenges and then choose to focus on the blessings of each distinct season. When we define the challenges and discuss them with others we discover that we are normal. When we are intentional in looking for the blessings we discover the joys that God has prepared for us. It’s important to remember that no season lasts forever. We want to really live in each unique time and miss nothing.

We don’t want to remain stuck in the challenges. Instead, we want to focus on the benefits of this season. Yet, no matter what our current challenge is, the place to begin is with God.