“Golden Age” – Senior Ministry

Our mission is to nurture the spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs of the seniors. Supporting and empowering them in their twilight years.

I hope that none of those who have been long in the work will think that because they are growing old, they are incapacitated for service. I hope that they will stand up to bear their message as long as they have the evidence that the Lord is helping them. Edson [Ellen White’s second son], encourage the men who have long borne burdens in our work. Even though in their old age their memory may fail somewhat, yet respect them, and the Lord will surely bless you. And let no aged worker, although he is old and gray, think that he is released from service. Let the work be carried on in simplicity. Surely we have the Lord on whom to depend. – Letter 102, 1910.

Ellen G. White – The Retirement Years Page 31 Paragraph 1

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