Seasons Of Parenting

Take a Parenting Self-Test

This month we will take a closer look at “the way…” we parent and train/teach our children by starting with the word of God. Proverbs 22:6 is a very familiar Bible verse that people often quote without understanding the full meaning. A lot of parents focus on the part about training a child but forget about the part that says, “in the way [he or she] should go”.

Have you ever thought about the way you parent your children who each have different personalities, interests, and abilities? Some additional questions to think about are:

·         How do you interact with your kids?

·         Do you spend most of your time engaged in power struggles and negative communication with your kids?

·         Should you adjust what you focus on teaching your children (e.g. Focus on training your child in the way God designed your child to fulfill God’s purpose rather than attempting to make a replica of yourself)?

Before attempting to answer these questions, try completing a parenting self-test designed to help you think through and improve your parenting. Click here to navigate to the website of the National Center for Biblical Parenting and complete the parenting self-test.