Seasons Of Parenting

Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Although God our heavenly Father knows how to give good gifts to His children (Matthew 7:11 ). We earthly parents struggle at times, especially, this time of the year.

During this holiday season parents are often busy trying to find and give their children the perfect gift. Often kids break or lose interest in the gifts before the next holiday season. But parents can give their kids gifts that their kids will not only appreciate but those gifts can last a lifetime.

Some gift ideas that can make an impact that last a lifetime are intangible gifts such as:

· Quality Time (Give a gift certificate for one hour a week doing an activity your child enjoys for a year)

· Acts of Service (Give a gift certificate to help your child with their chores once a week for a year)

· Words of encouragement (Give your child a journal and write a message of encouragement or a prayer at least once a week for a year)

Watch and see your relationships with your children transform within just one year. Remember, part of parenting is making memories that last a lifetime.

Next time we will talk about an another intangible gift that all members of the family can appreciate, the gift of listening.