Seasons of Parenting

Season: Winter Ages 0-6

For the first few years of life, children explore the world through their senses (e.g. they put objects in their mouth, bang things together, climb, crawl, walk, watch you and copy your behavior). They notice everything, but they don’t recognize danger. They may even act like they don’t need you, but they do. Welcome to parenthood! [p. 20]

The child’s imagination is being developed which is one reason you buy expensive toys and they spend more time playing with the box than the toy. [p. 20]


You are your child’s superhero…don’t let her down. [p. 20]

Words of Wisdom (Deuteronomy 6:1-9, Proverbs 22:6, Ephesians 6:4)

Build a strong foundation of trust in the early years…Building trust is a work of a lifetime (Parents must continue to cultivate a trusting relationship with their child through each season of life).

Reference: Jeffery & Pattiejean Brown, A Guide to Parenting: On the Winning Team with Your Children [Book], pp. 20-24