Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Convictions Part 3

Don’t Drop-Hosea 14:9

Do leaders always love and care for people, regardless of who they are? Certainly, both God and Hosea modeled unconditional love. But does a time come when showing compassion for someone ends, or otherwise a leader violates a bedrock principal?

This is where leaders draw a line in the sand. Well, they are to love and care for any one they contact, this doesn’t mean they chuck their convictions. They respond with grace, but never drift from there guiding priorities and principles. We cling to convictions even in our lowest moment.

Both God and Hosea continue to act from principal. Leaders practice the Law of Empowerment by living out priorities:

Leaders are to . . .                                            Followers often . . .
1. Act from their principles.                                1. React from their feelings.
2. Empower others ‘ even when it’s difficult.         2. Withdraw in difficult times.
3. Live off of character.                                     3. Live off of emotions.

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