Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 13

Jesus Met Needs First-Luke 8:24-9:6

Jesus always approached people to meet their needs before He asked them to follow or obey Him. After He delivered the demonized man in Gadara, the man wanted to do something in return. Jesus told him to return to his hometown and spread the news of God’s kingdom. The man acted as he did in response to a leader who practiced the Law of Connection. Gratitude nearly always follows grace. Look at the connection and response in these verses alone:

The Leader Connects The People’s Response
1. Jesus calmed the sea for His disciples (8:24). 1. They were sent out (9:1-6).
2. Jesus delivered the demonized man (8:33). 2. He was to preach at home (8:39).
3. Jesus healed the woman’s blood disease (8:47). 3. She was to exhibit peace (8:48).
4. Jesus raised Jairus’s daughter from the dead (8:54). 4. He was to feed and minister (8:55).

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