Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Solid Ground Part 1

Joseph Earns Trust-Genesis 39:1-41:16

The Bible describes some dark and difficult times in Joseph’s life. But it also reveals that every time he faced adversity, he used it to develop himself personally and to build trust with others. As a result, Joseph made one comeback after another and proved himself trustworthy as a leader.

Consider a few of the ways he earned trust along the way:

Adversity Comeback
1. Sold into Egyptian slavery 1. Developed competence and organization in the palace
2. Framed as an adulterer 2. Used his ability to discern dreams and solve problems
3. Forgotten in prison 3. Displayed the wisdom to interpret Pharaohs dream
4. Endured seven years of famine 4. Prepared to save the country and bring Pharaoh great wealth
5. Faced the return of his treacherous brothers 5. Showed patience and integrity in dealing with others

The Law of Solid Ground teaches that leadership operates on the basis of trust. How did Joseph gain trust following his bouts with adversity? He won it through regularly displaying competence and character in his connections with others. He was able to follow each setback with a comeback because he practiced the Law of Solid Ground.

Join me next time for The Law of Solid Ground Part 2.