Leadership Issues: Brokenness

Jacob Made Usable-Genesis 25:26–32:32

Natural leaders don’t always have it easy. Leaders blessed with tremendous natural leadership can have a very difficult time, especially with issues of character. From the beginning, Jacob wielded great influence. He always stirred things up. He captured the heart of his mother and the birthright of his brother, turning Isaac’s household upside down. He had a similar effect on the household of Laban. Over time his leadership created great prosperity, whom his sons make up the twelve tribes of the Hebrew nation. Jacob seemed to have everything. A leader who goes his own way and seeks to benefit only himself cannot be an effective instrument in God’s hands. God had to break Jacob to make him useful. In the breaking process, Jacob—the deceiving “heel-catcher”—became Israel, a “prince with God” who purposed to serve God rather than himself. Natural leaders often need to be broken. Consider your natural ability to lead a gift from God, but your character a gift to present back to God. Remember: Every time you stand up under the weight of adversity, you are being prepared, as Jacob was, to better serve God and lead people. 

Breaking Before Blessing-Genesis 32:24-32

All leaders, like Jacob, must “wrestle” with God in order to receive His blessing. God blessed Jacob because:

  1. Jacob was alone with God. All distractions had been removed.
  2. Jacob was hungry for God. He desperately wanted to receive what God had for him.
  3. Jacob was broken by God. He allowed God to break him and change him.
  4. Jacob was honest with God. He stopped pretending in order to let God work in his life.

Have you “prevailed” with God in this way? Leaders cannot do anything of significance in the kingdom of God until they humble themselves before God and seek His face. You must be broken in order to be blessed!

Maturity Comes-2 Samuel 18:19-33

In this broken state, God begins to restore David to the man he once was, the man after His own heart. David regained his resolve to lead his country and leave a worthwhile legacy. In many ways, David matured to a new level as a leader in this awful season of brokenness. Broken boldness now characterized his leadership.

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