Leadership Issue: Authority

Rod of God-Exodus 17:3-7

Moses struck the rock with his staff and the Lord brought water out of the rock. We receive an important lesson on authority when we learn to trust God to provide for us. Moses learned to depend on God as the ultimate authority. One of the keys to Moses’ greatness is the statement: ‘Moses cried out to the Lord” Leaders earn their authority. God earned the trust of the people and “earned” His authority through the following means:
1.  Production: He made a way for His People to cross the Red Sea safely.
2.  Protection: He eliminated the Egyptian army in the Red Sea.
3.  Provision: He provided manna and quail for the people to eat.
4.  Problem Solving: He produced water from a rock.

Test: David Submits-2 Samuel 1:17-27

David lamented over the death of Saul and Jonathan. In David’s mind, submission to authority has little to do with the person in charge and everything to do with the person who puts people in charge. While leaders earn their influence, God gives them their authority. We owe our submission to whatever authorities God installs.

Centurion Teaches-Matthew 8:5-13

The Centurion recognized the authority of Jesus. He did not think himself worthy of Jesus to come to his house, but to speak the word and his servant would be healed.  When leaders possess authority, their words carry weight. How much weight do your words carry? Who listens to you?

Submitting to God-Given-Romans 13:1-7

We should obey the authorities that are not in conflict with a doth says the Lord. God is the one who puts people in authority and He is the one who removes them. God provides us with an authority test. Before we will ever become leaders of integrity, we must learn to follow other leaders, regardless of differences.  The acid test of character comes when we disagree with legitimate authorities. When we refuse to demand our own way and instead submit to others, our hearts are right. This is when God can trust us to lead others.

Everyone Is Responsible-Titus 3:1,2

We should be obedient to the authorities. Speak evil of no one, avoid quarreling, be gentle, show courtesy to all people. Everyone and everything exists in submission to someone else. Those in authority do not necessarily have greater intelligence or gifts, but they do have greater responsibility.

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