Leaderships Qualities: Communication Part 4

Use Memorale Imagery-Jeremiah 2:1-16

We increase our ability to cast vision when we improve our communication. Effective leaders find memorable ways to communicate with their people.

Jeremiah, along with other Old Testament prophets, used five tools in an attempt to drive home their messasge:

  1. Strong Beginning: Jeremiah didn’t waste words as he grabbed the people’s attention.
  2. Simple Language: Jeremiah didn’t try to impress anyone with huge, theological terms.
  3. One Theme: Jeremiah stuck with one profound issue per message, not seventeen.
  4. Pictures: Jeremiah used word pictures, illustrations, and object lessons to drive home his message.
  5. Emotional Ending: Jeremiah closed his communication with an appeal to strike both heart and head.

Word Pictures-Jeremiah 43:8-13

Jeremiah lead the people primarily through his word gifts. He expressed his leadership using gifts of prophecy, teaching, and exhortation. Through the wise use of these gifts, he became a master communicator.

Effective leaders find analogies and object lessons to make their point.

Jeremiah’s twelve object lessons:

  1. The almond branch (1:11, 12)
  2. The boiling pot (1:13-19)
  3. The ruined linen sash (13:1-11)
  4. The wine bottles (13:12-14)
  5. The drought (14:1-9)
  6. The partridge (17:9-11)
  7. The potter and the clay (18:1-17)
  8. The broken flask (19:1-13)
  9. Two baskets of figs (24:1-10)
  10. The bonds and yokes (27:1-11)
  11. The command to buy a field (32:5-25)
  12. The parable of the stones (43:8-13)

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