Leaderships Qualities: Communication Part 3

Leaders Communicate Psalm 19:1-14

God is not only the Ultimate Leader, but the Ultimate Communicator. The creation declares God’s power and glory. The law declares God’s wisdom and will. God precisely reveals His message to His followers through both.

God’s Revelation Description The Results
1. His Law 1. Perfect 1. Restores the soul
2. Testimony 2. Sure 2. Makes us wise
3. Statutes 3. Right 3. Gives joy to the heart
4. Commandments 4. Pure 4. Enlightens our perception
5. Fear and reverence 5. Clean 5. Endures forever
6. Judgments 6. True 6. Completely right

Master Communication, Manage Conflict-Proverbs 15:1-7

God rightly expects leaders to manage conflict within their organizations. But how can you best accomplish this?

We often quote this verse, but we seldom practice it. Sometimes only leaders are given liberty to express anger, and sooner or later this kind of unhealthy environment comes back to haunt them. Leaders must create safe places for communication. Master communication and you manage conflict. Note the counsel about managing conflict:

  1. Remain calm and gentle when confronting conflict, and your example will become contagious.
  2. Speak wisely, making sure information is truthful and accurate.
  3. Remember, God is the ultimate judge and will execute justice.
  4. Use your words to foster healing; fix the problem, not the blame.
  5. Stay teachable; be open to correction and quick to apologize when wrong.
  6. Add value to everyone who contacts you, even when you disagree.
  7. Speak words that spread knowledge and understanding.

Communicate Until Results-Isaiah 55:1-11

God’s word will bear fruit. Note how God evaluates good communication:

  1. His Word will get results.
  2. His Word will furnish tools and resources.
  3. His Word will meet needs.
  4. His Word will perform His will.
  5. His Word will satisfy the soul of the hearers.

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