Leaderships Qualities: Communication Part 1

Adam Failed to Connect-Genesis 2:15-17; 3:1-6 (negative)

By failing to communicate effectively with his wife, Adam botched his role as the first spiritual leader of the human race.

Five Reasons for Adams Faulty Communication
1.    He ignored some details in the message he was supposed to communicate.
2.    He allowed Eve’s voice to influence him more than God’s voice.
3.    He failed to hold himself accountable for his communication.
4.    He forgot what God had said about the consequences of disobedience.
5.    He did not take responsibility for the results of his faulty communication.

You may be a good speaker-but are you a good communicator? Do you pay close attention to what God tells you? Do you give appropriate attention to detail? When you lead, do you make sure your audience gets the message? And do you take responsibility for what God has entrusted to you?

God Instructs-Exodus 12:3-23

Without the ability to communicate, a leader travels alone. No one will catch your vision unless you first transfer a picture of it into his or her heart. That’s what God did when He clearly explained to the Hebrew families how they could spare the lives of their firstborn sons.

Joshua Gives Handles-Joshua 4:1-9

Effective leaders look for ways to use the successes of today to empower their people for the challenges of tomorrow.

Good leaders always provide “handles” to enable their people to grab hold of the vision. Effective leaders find a way to communicate future vision and past victories, because people need to be constantly reminded of both.

Join me next time for Leaderships Qualities: Communication Part 2