The Law of Navigation Part 6
Hope If Judah Responds-Joel 3:1-21
In the last chapter of his short book, Joel pronounces judgement on the nations. The nation of Israel could look forward to a future full of hope—if they would respond with obedience. Joel predicts that God will use them to judge the nations. The day of the Lord will bring terror to the rebellious and hope to the trusting.
The Law of Navigation forces leaders to become students of three facets of leadership: discernment, strategy, and the future. They must interpret the times, see the future, and plan the steps. Joel paints pictures for the people to help them see what he sees.
Hope and a Plan-Zephaniah 3:8-20
Regardless of the hopeless situation they had to judge, the Old Testament prophets almost always closed their writings with words of hope. Zephaniah even offers a plan for repentance and invites the people to walk in it. He navigates the path back to God, outlining it this way:
1. Wait for God to remove the cancerous population (vv. 8-11).
2. Trust God to restore a remnant of humble, obedient men and women (vv. 12, 13).
3. Look to God and rejoice that he has taken away your guilt (vv. 14, 15).
4. Hope in God to renew your peace and strength (vv. 16, 17).
5. Allow God to recover the appointed feasts and the lost people (vv. 18-20).
Jesus Knew Steps-Matthew 24:1-44
Jesus instructed His disciples on how to prepare for the future and what they could expect to endure. The Master gained credibility by charting their course into the future. Few things help us more than leaders who can mentally walk their people into the future, providing both direction and hope.
Jesus Charts Course-Luke 12:1-59
Jesus provided good instruction for His disciples on issues such as integrity, anxiety, convictions, problem solving, greed, jealousy, priorities, and trusting God. Why these topics? Because Jesus intended to navigate life for His followers, to teach them how to live successfully.
If we were to condense the Lord’s perspective on success in life, we might say that success involves:
• Decisions: We must know the truth and accept it.
• Servanthood: We must find a need and fill it.
• Determination: We must face a challenge and meet it.
• Sacrifice: We must lose our life to find it.
• Preparation: We must develop a plan and follow it.
• Action: We must discover God’s will and obey it.
• A gift: We must find our talent and share it.
• Durability: We must be tenacious and finish well.
Jesus Helps Listeners Interpret-Luke 12:35-39
Like all good leaders, Jesus left His followers with a plan for the future and gave them some key tools, including:
1. Lenses: He modeled the right attitude to approach the future.
2. A road map: He warned them about rough roads ahead.
3. A barometer: He helped them interpret future conditions.
Count the Cost-Luke 14:28-32
In two small parables, Jesus speaks about planning and preparation. He teaches listeners to count the cost before taking action, applauds evaluation before taking action, and encourages damage prevention through preparation and negotiation. To calculate in this way is not a lack of faith, but foresight based on insight and hindsight.
Jesus Laid Plan-John 14:1-31
Jesus practiced the Law of Navigation by looking to the future. He reminded His men that He would prepare a place for them (John 14:1-4) and the He was preparing them for a place (14:16-29). He laid plans for the Holy Spirit to finish the work He had begun.
Join me next time for The Law of Navigation Part 7.