Go Ye Therefore


The Law of Navigation Part 2

Moses Provides Future Direction-Deuteronomy 16:1-25:19

Much as America’s forefathers assembled the U.S. Constitution, Moses furnished clear guidelines for his nation’s future. One chief difference: Israel was to live under a theocracy, not a democracy. The nation was to be lovingly ruled by God, not by the whims of the people. Ponder the genius behind the structure and navigation Moses offers in these chapter. 

Leadership Action Purpose
1. Established seven annual feasts 1. Reminded people of the big picture
2. Males to worship at central location 2. Provided context for participation
3. Appointed judges for each tribe 3. Furnished leadership at a local level
4. Shared civil duties with the community 4. Created value of justice and social order
5. Communicated criteria for top leaders 5. Cast vision for leadership with integrity
6. Organized offerings for priests/Levites 6. Prioritized holy living and godly priorities
7. Established cities of refuge 7. Esteemed the qualities of mercy and grace
8. Set boundaries for national defense 8. Taught Israel to trust God, not themselves
9. Addressed crimes and moral failure 9. Set consequences prior to criminal acts
10. Tithing to the Lord 10. Taught stewardship as a top priority

Balancing Faith and Planning-Joshua 8:1-29

When does human planning get in the way of trusting God for results? Or conversely, when does faith become presumption, expecting God to do for us what we must grab hold of ourselves? All Christian leaders must learn the proper balance between divine faith and human preparation.

Joshua demonstrates a beautiful balance as he prepares a second attack on the city of Ai. He begins by asking the Lord whether his army should attack, and if so, when. God ordered the attack and instructed Joshua to set an ambush, but gave no further details. Joshua planned the particulars of the campaign, each step under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He divided the troops into two divisions and told one to stage an attack on the city. The other group was to wait in ambush until the men of Ai came out. As the men of Ai chased their attackers, the ambush could close in and allow the Israelites to set the city afire. The plan worked perfectly. When the men of Ai saw the smoke rising above their homes, they lost heart and quickly fell in battle to Israel.

Do you see the synthesis of divine guidance and human strategy? Joshua placed his faith in God for the results, but did not hesitate to lay wise plans and execute them.

Jehoash Charts Course-2 Kings 12:4-16

Jehoash well navigated the temple repairs, even though he had to fire the priests who oversaw the initial fund-raising efforts. Jehoash efficiently collected the money, cast the vision, and held the people accountable until the job was finished. Good leaders understand how to get the job done.

Join me next time for The Law of Navigation Part 3.