Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Quality: Commitment Part 3

Comes Before Provision-Psalm 145:8-20

God deserves our unconditional commitment. 

Once leaders make a commitment, they find that God provides the people, resources, and strategy necessary to fulfill their dream. God enters a partnership with His leaders and promises to fulfill His role as we fulfill ours:

God’s Role: Provision

  1. He is gracious and merciful.
  2. His acts are mighty.
  3. His kingdom is everlasting.
  4. His dominion endures through all generations.
  5. He satisfies our desires.
  6. He is righteous and kind in all His ways.

Our Role: Commitment

  1. To those who call upon Him.
  2. To those who fear Him.
  3. To those who love Him.

Resources Follow Resolve-Daniel 3:1-18

Once we make a commitment, the resources follow-but they seldom follow until we declare our commitment. From this text we learn the following about developing commitment:

  1. It usually begins with a struggle.
  2. It seldom surrounds abilities or gifts.
  3. It is the result of choice, not condition.
  4. It is fostered when we settle the issue before it arises.
  5. It is enhanced by deep trust in God.
  6. It last when we remain single-minded.

Resources, Wisdom, People Follow-Habakkuk 3:17-19

Once we make the commitment to trust God no matter what, all sorts of resources, wisdom, and people follow. When leaders commit in this way, followers rise to the occasion despite adverse circumstances. Habakkuk teaches us the steps to this kind of commitment:

  1. Request: Go ahead and ask for God’s wisdom and will to be done.
  2. Relax: Rest in His control; trust His power and providence.
  3. Receive: Listen and wait for His instruction; remain open to change.
  4. Respond: Obey whatever He commands.
  5. Rejoice: Worship Him regardless of your present circumstances.

Before Authority, Responsibility-Zechariah 10:1-3

Few things present more danger than an uncommitted leader. While followers may often remain uncommitted, they usually wield limited influence. Leaders, however, impact everyone who follows. When they remain uncommitted, they not only fail their organizations and God, but they model failure for others.

Join me next time for Leadership Quality: Commitment Part 4.