Leadership Quality: Commitment Part 1

 Esau Releases Jacob-Genesis 33:1-4

Esau’s commitment to his brother overwhelmed his thirst for revenge.

Of a Leader-Deuteronomy 7:7-9

Good leaders model commitment before they ask anyone else to do so.

Picture of Faithful Leader-Joshua 24:29-31

The signs of Joshua’s faithfulness:

  • Obedience (Ex. 17:8-16; Num. 32:10-12)
  • Servanthood (Ex. 24:13; Josh. 11:15)
  • Loyalty (Ex. 33:11; Num. 11:24-30)
  • Courage (Num. 13:8, 16, 25-30; 14:5-10)
  • Promotion (Num. 27:15-23)
  • Responsibility (Deut. 31:7, 8)
  • Power (Deut. 34:9)
  • Credibility (Deut. 34:9)

Joshua’s faithfulness challenges us even today to lead as he did:

  1. Live ahead of your contemporaries.
  2. Live above your circumstances.
  3. Live deeper than your calamities.
  4. Live beyond your capabilities.

Precedes Resources-Ruth 1:1-22

While every leader needs financial and human resources to reach his or her goals, commitment should always precede those resources. When a leader demonstrates a commitment to the mission and goals of the organization, the resources always follow.

Ruth, a woman of Moab, adopted into the family of Israel is included in the line of Christ. The child she bore became part of the lineage of the Messiah.

Until a leader commits, a hesitancy lingers. But the moment that leader definitely commits, then God moves and a whole stream of events begin to flow. All manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings, persons, and material assistance—which no one could ever dream up—begin to occur. And it all starts to happen the moment a leader makes a firm commitment.

Join me next time for Leadership Quality: Commitment Part 2.