Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Process Part 5

Eight Characteristics – 2 Peter 1:5-11

Peter gives us a ladder to climb that leads to maturity, demonstrating that he believed in the Law of Process. Spiritual leadership happens daily, not in a day. Peter selects choice words to describe the sequence of our process. We are to diligently add . . .

  1. Faith: the foundation on which we grow spiritually.
  2. Virtue: a life of strong character and discipline.
  3. Knowledge: an understanding of what God thinks and values.
  4. Self-control: the ability to lead oneself before leading others.
  5. Perseverance: the ability to patiently stick to what is right.
  6. Godliness: a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led lifestyle that reflects the Lord.
  7. Brotherly kindness: a lifestyle that is warm, relational, and caring.
  8. Love: the highest quality that enables a leader to sacrificially give to others.

Three Stages of Maturity – 1 John 2:12-14

John illustrates the Law of Process by speaking to three different groups: children, young men, and fathers. He does not write to believers at differing chronological stages, however, but to those in differing spiritual stages. Each stage faces fundamentally different issues. So says the Law of Process.

As we grow toward mature leadership and influence, we will pass through various phases and have to settle various issues along the way. Remember, leadership development doesn’t happen in a day, but daily. Consider the issues in each of the stages:

Stage Issue
1. Little children 1. Getting right with God and forgiven of sins
2. Young men 2. Waging spiritual warfare and defeating opposition
3. Fathers 3. Intimacy with God

Join me next time for Leadership Quality: Commitment Part 1.