The Law of Process Part 4

Growth Not an Event – Colossians 2:1-7

Spiritual growth doesn’t “just happen,” any more than climbing a mountain “just happens.” you don’t wander up a mountain and surprise yourself when you reach the top. Growth results from hard work.

Paul compares  a maturing person to growing a plant (Col. 2:6, 7). When you take seed, soil, sunshine, and water and put them together, you don’t get a plant overnight. You need time. Paul knows that the Colossians’ roots won’t grow deep overnight. To remind them of what must happen for growth to occur:

  1. Labor (v. 1)—Someone has to work.
  2. Stretching (v. 2)—You have to stretch for more.
  3. Learning (vv. 2, 3)—Knowledge must be consumed.
  4. Focus (v. 4)—You cannot drift or get distracted.
  5. Accountability (v. 5)—Growth accelerates when someone watches.
  6. Building on the past (v. 6)—Growth always uses past truth.
  7. Application (v. 6)—Growth solidifies when you practice what you know.
  8. Gratitude (v. 7)—Give joyful thanksgiving for past blessings.

Perseverance Essential – Hebrews 10:19-39

Every leader should aim to finish well. We need to persevere because confidence will be rewarded; obedience will be recognized; shrinking back will be regretted; and Christ’s return will be celebrated. Our journey is not a sprint, but a marathon. We must pace ourselves and endure to the end.

Like a Seed – James 5:7, 8

James calls us to be patient, just like a farmer who patiently waits for his harvest. The farmer knows that if he picks the corn too early, he will miss out on some of the grain.

So it is with us. The Law of Process reminds us that our leadership development is a process, not an event. We grow daily, not in a day. Not only do we wait on Jesus to return, but He waits on us to grow! He is not only preparing a place for us, but us for a place.

If the metaphor of the farmer doesn’t do the trick for us, James supplies two more images. He reminds us of two further examples of patience: the prophets and Job (James 5:11, 12). Regardless of the image, the key is to focus on the fruit or the result that will surely come in the end.

Join me next time for The Law of Process Part 5