Effective Leaders Adapt – Ezekiel 3:8, 9

Ezekiel’s face and his forehead was to be as hard as the rebellious Israelites. Fear them not or be dismayed at their looks. Effective leaders allow God to shape them into the kind of people they need to be for each situation they encounter. They don’t get stuck on one method or mode of operation. When approaching a new and different context, leaders should read . . .

1.      Situations: Do my circumstances tell me it is time to move forward?

2.      People: Are the people ready and willing to make a move?

3.      Timing: Is this the right time to make the move?

4.      Staff: Does my team have the gifts and the influence to lead the way?

5.      Opportunity: Do we have the opportunity to be successful if we move?

6.      Resources: Do we possess the resources to move now?

7.      Themselves: Am I the right person to lead the way?

Join me next time for The Law of Process Part 1.