Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Quality: Character Part 4

God Holds Leaders Responsible – Micah 6:8

God holds leaders responsible for creating healthy environments. The people learn to love justice and show mercy when their leader creates an environment for both.

Values and character of a godly leader:

  1. Act Justly: Justice and integrity rule their decisions regarding policy and program.
  2. Love mercy: A love for people and relationship skills remain a high priority.
  3. Walk humbly with God: A respectful relationship with God governs their strategy and lifestyle.

Herod Lacked It – Acts 12:1-23 (negative)

Herod’s lack of character provides us with many examples of what not to do as a leader:

  1. He mistreated his own citizens.
  2. He executed innocent people.
  3. He made decisions based on popularity.
  4. He acted irrationally in difficult times.
  5. He harbored anger toward others.
  6. He sought power out of insecurity.
  7. He projected an infallible image.
  8. He was blinded by his ego.

How Do We Avoid Herod’s Trap? To improve your character and build a solid foundation for your own leadership, you must:

  1. Search for the cracks. Look at the major areas of your life. Identify where you’re weak or have taken shortcuts.
  2. Look for patterns. Do any weaknesses remain? Patterns can help you diagnose character flaws.
  3. Face the music. Character repair begins when you face your flaws and apologize to those you’ve wronged.
  4. Stay teachable and rebuild. Once you face your past, create a plan to build inward strength.

Qualifications for Church Leadership – Titus 1:5-9

What qualities should a church leader possess? Most of the traits deal with personal character, not techniques, gifts, or skills. Note what Paul considered most important:

  1. Personal life: blameless, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not violent, sober-minded, holy, self-controlled.
  2. Family life: husband of one wife, with faithful children.
  3. Social life: hospitable, not accused of dissipation, not given to wine.
  4. Financial life: a steward of God, not greedy for money.
  5. Professional life: not accused of insubordination, a lover of what is good, just, holding fast the faithful word, able to exhort and convict those who contradict.

Join me next time for Leadership Issues: Accountability part 1.