Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Initiative Part 5

 Leaders Host People-3 John 3-12

While 1st John is about God’s life and 2nd John is about God’s truth, 3rd John is about God’s way.

In his letter, John uses the picture of a host. Hosts take initiative with their guests. They do what is right by others, make them feel comfortable, give direction to conversation, and provide for others. Leaders like host, don’t react; they act. They go first and risk whether the other person will respond positively. It is part of being a leader.

John distinguishes between going first and wanting to be first. Diotrephes wanted to be first, but not necessarily go first in serving others. Here we see the difference between a “guest” and a “host.” Consider what this letter teaches us about the leader as “host.” Leaders take initiative . . .

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