Go Ye Therefore

The Law of the Inner Circle Part 1

Moses Needed Aaron-Exodus 6:26-7:20

Who wouldn’t tremble at receiving a call like the one given to Moses? He quaked at the daunting task before him, and so would we. Such a challenge would require every ounce of courage we could muster.

From the very beginning, Moses’ feelings of inadequacy prompted him to build an “inner circle” of close supporters. His brother Aaron quickly became a critical member of his team, and overtime Moses assembled a unit that both shared his vision and complimented his weaknesses. Through the years Moses added to this inner circle, each time including individuals who possessed different gifts but the same vision as he.

How about you? Who sits in your inner circle? Do they share your vision? Do they have complimentary gifts, useful where you need the most—or does that idea threaten you? Find yourself some Aarons, Jethro’s, and Joshua’s, or you won’t be able to accomplish all that God has for you.

Join me next time for The Law of the Inner Circle Part 2