Go Ye Therefore

The Law of the Inner Circle Part 2

Moses Needed Help-Exodus 17:8-13

No leader can thrive without teammates, as the life of Moses illustrates. As Joshua and his troops fought the Amalekites, Moses held God’s staff in his hands, assisted by Aaron and Hur, members of his inner circle. No leader should ever take the journey—or the credit—by himself.

Moses Implemented Plan-Deuteronomy 1:6-18

The people closest to us determine our level of success. Moses learned this lesson in the wilderness and so implemented a plan to put competent, godly leaders next to him.

When ministers decide to be leaders, they cross a very important line. They no longer judge themselves solely by what they can do themselves; their value depends mainly on what they can get done through others. Moses teaches us that leaders must:

  1. See the Land: Vision (vv. 6-8) Moses saw and reminded everyone of the Lord’s faithfulness. God would fulfill His promise. Moses could clearly see the outcome, and he motivated others about his vision.
  2. Share the Load: Delegation (vv. 9-12) Moses chose to set his ego aside and share his leadership responsibilities with others. He would give them both the responsibility and authority to do the work; the task now became a team effort.
  3. Select the Leaders: Leadership (vv. 13-15) Moses chose his inner circle from among the spiritually qualified, approved, and appointed according to their abilities.
  4. Structure the Leadership: Organization (vv. 16-18) Moses established a system in which the leaders where to listen fairly, minister boldly, make decisions based on principle, and refer the most difficult cases to him.

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