Go Ye Therefore

The Law of the Inner Circle Part 3

Nathan Confronts David-2 Samuel 12:1-15

“Be sure your sins will find you out,” we say almost flippantly, but David’s life illustrates the reality of the phrase.

Nathan confronted David as part of the king’s “inner circle.” He had permission to speak hard truth in love, so he used a clever narrative to bring his point home. David had failed miserably. But his failure wasn’t final. Look at what’s needed in order to survive a major failure:

1. A open and transparent heart

It’s easier to tolerate mistakes admitted than mistakes denied.

2. A spirit of forgiveness toward followers

A follower you treat with charity is more prone to forgive you when you are caught failing.

3. A responsible attitude

A leader who owns up to his or her behavior will last longer and fare better.

4. The ability to change

Leaders must demonstrate they are humble and teachable and willing to grow or change.

5. A hunger to grow and stretch 

Followers will stay with a leader in process if he or she is moving in the right direction.

David must have blanched when Nathan pointed a finger at him and shouted, “You are the man!” (2 Sam. 12:7). Yet thank God for Nathan! All leaders need a Nathan in their inner circle, and if they don’t have one, they need to find one. Soon.

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