Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 7

When You Connect with People

Connecting with people isn’t complicated, but it takes effort. Observe how Rehoboam neglected this priority:

  1. Your people are more willing to take action when you first move them with emotion.

Even when King Solomon’s elders advised Rehoboam that he could win the people’s hearts forever by lightening their workload, he turned a deaf ear. When he showed no concern for their welfare, they sought another leader who would listen.

When you remain open to your people’s needs, they will remain open to your vision. When you take action to meet their needs, they will take action to fulfill your vision. Wise leaders discern and meet the needs of their people.

  1. When you give first, your people will give in return.

Rehoboam squandered multiple opportunities to give to his people. It may seem paradoxical, but a leader gets more by giving more. When you give of your time, talent, and possessions, you receive much more in return.

  1. When you connect with individuals, you gain the attention of crowds.

Too arrogant to walk among his people, Rehoboam tried to lead Israel impersonally from behind the palace walls. While the nature of leadership often requires speaking before groups, effective leaders understand that true connection happens one-on-one.

  1. When you reach out to your people, they will reach back toward you.

The initial consultation between Rehoboam and his people took place when they came to him; he was so out of touch he couldn’t see they were on the verge of revolting. Rehoboam was a reactive leader rather than a proactive one. When it became clear he had caused his people’s displeasure, he pointed a finger at them. As a result, his kingdom ripped apart.

Whether you have just taken over a leadership position or are well established, you must connect with your people if you are to succeed. Remember, the telltale sign of a great leader is not what he has accomplished on his own, but what he has been able to accomplish through others. That happens only through connection.

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