Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Listening Part 9

 Jesus Resolves Earth’s Conflicts-Revelation 19:1-21

Jesus will take decisive action to resolve our problems when He comes the second time.

Like any effective leader, Jesus won’t put a bandage on the problem; He will solve it permanently. Take note of how efficiently the King of Kings has and will take care of man’s root problems.

Our Greatest Problem Why? How Christ Solved It
1. Our greatest flaw: sin. 1. It leads to death. 1. He died for our sin.
2. Our greatest defeat: death. 2. It severs us from God. 2. He eliminated death.
3. Our greatest emotion: fear. 3. We fear dying. 3. He rose from the dead.
4. Our greatest enemy: Satan. 4. He destroys us. 4. He will cast him into hell.

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