Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Conflict Part 2

How to Manage-Matthew 18:15-20

According to Jesus, addressing conflict and healing offenses should be a priority for us. He even instructs us to postpone our worship if we remember an unresolved offense.

Conflict will arise in any organization. Humans disagree because they are wired differently and have different agendas. Note what Jesus taught about organizational conflict when someone has clearly done wrong:

  1. Initiate the contact.
  2. Confront the person in private.
  3. If no resolution comes, meet again with one or two more people.
  4. Confirm the facts in the meeting and work toward a solution.
  5. If no resolution comes, bring the issue before the church or organization.
  6. Agree upon the truth and the appropriate options for the offender.
  7. If no resolution comes, release the offender from the church or organization.

Behind this process lies the authority Jesus has given to church leaders. We must act wisely, because we have God-given authority, because God will confirm and support the decisions made in harmony, and because He is present when we gather in His name.

Way to Resolution-John 8:48-59

Sometimes, confrontation is the only way to resolution. What do we learn from Jesus about confrontation? Consider four steps to reach the heart of an issue:

  1. Be clear and direct.
  2. Don’t draw attention to yourself.
  3. Lay out the issue and ask for a decision.
  4. Trust God to justify and reveal the truth.

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