Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 5

Covenant Love-1 Samuel 20:1-41

Although Jonathan was the royal prince, he exalted and encouraged David, knowing he risked his future throne. First Samuel 20 describes the four characteristics of their friendship. Jonathan was: available (vv. 1-4); dependable (vv. 5-17); vulnerable (vv. 18-33); and responsible (vv. 34-42). And so Jonathan won David’s loyalty (v. 41).

Abigail-1 Samuel 25:1-42

Following Samuel’s death, David moved to the Wilderness of Paran. There he encountered shepherds tending the flocks of the wealthy Nabal—an insolent, rude, and contentious man. Nabal happened to be married to a beautiful, intelligent, and intuitive woman name Abigail, and as wise wife saved his miserable life.

When Nabal offended David, Abigail very quickly took steps to diffuse a volatile situation. She gathered a great feast and went out to meet David. Abigail’s decisive actions met the immediate need of feeding David’s men. They also calmed David and diverted him from avenging himself. Abigail lived the Law of Connection.

Upon her return home, Abigail kept her head and chose not to deal with Nabal until he was sober. Regardless of her husband’s rudeness and inappropriate behavior, Abigail responded forthrightly and respectfully. God Himself later avenged David and chose to remove Nabal from the equation.

David never forgot this encounter. He knew a woman of God when he saw one, and after Nabal’s death he chose Abigail to be his wife. Her patience and submission during difficult times, as well as her wisdom and problem-solving skills, prepared her to be an excellent wife for David. David valued Abigail’s strength and felt greatly attracted to this highly capable female leader.

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