Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Empowerment Part 5

 Hosea Loves by Decision-Hosea 3:1

In Hosea 3 the prophet receives one profound command. He is told to go and reconcile with his wife, who remains in an adulterous relationship. He is told to act, not react. He is to love Gomer rather than take revenge.

God calls leaders to live on a higher level than followers. We are called to respond as God did to Israel. Although Israel had committed falsehood (Hos. 4:1), harlotry (4:11), murder (5:2), robbery (7:1), and oppression (12:7), along with repeated spiritual adultery, God continued to guide and empower His people.

In the final chapter, the prophet pleas with Israel to return to the Lord (14:1), that they might be graciously received, restored, and healed (14:2-4). Leaders can do this only when they live and lead from principle rather than from reaction.

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