Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Empowerment Part 7

Jesus Gave Power Away-Matthew 10:1-15

Effective leadership attracts and brokers the talents of others. Leaders must develop others to reach their potential. No one did this better than Jesus.

In Matthew 10 we see the results of Jesus’ vision for more workers (9:37, 38). Even though He has not finished training His disciples, He sent them out to exercise their gifts.

So it is with our people. At some point we need to end the lecture and send them out to try what they have learned. Consider how Jesus empowered His twelve-man staff:

  1. A personal call (vv. 1-) Jesus selected them and called them by name.
  2. A direct commission (v. 5) After instructing them, He sent them out.
  3. A central objective (vv. 5, 6) He told them to go to the Hebrews, not the Gentiles.
  4. A clear message (v. 7). He gave them the specific message.
  5. Practical credentials (v. 8) He equipped them to gain credibility by giving them tools to confirm their message.
  6. Confidence for provision (vv. 9, 10) He instilled confidence and gave them a plan to acquire needed resources.
  7. Solid convictions (vv. 11-15) He furnished convictions on how they were to act with both friends and critics.

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