Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Empowerment Part 8

Jesus Touches Hearts Matthew 11:28-30

Although Jesus puts His early disciples to work, He knows He has to touch their hearts before He asks for their hands. So He promises to give them rest.

The word “rest” refers to an inward holiday—not a cessation of activity, but a whole new energy and motive. Many of us are more active on vacation then at work; what changes is our reason for activity. We feel energized on vacation because we want to do certain things. Jesus describes a new relationship that changes us on the inside. Note what He promises to give us:

  1. Rest: an inward rest, free from anxieties (v. 28)
  2. Framework: a yoke, by which we are guided by a stronger partner (v. 29)
  3. Gentle and humble leadership: an understanding leader who meets our needs (v. 29)
  4. A manageable load: a system and workload that fits who we are (v. 30)

Jesus Gave Authority-Mark 3:13-19

Leadership teams must be chosen. Jesus deliberately chose all twelve members of His staff. He didn’t call for a vote He made the personal decisions Himself. Note what we learn about team building from Jesus’ selection of the Twelve:

  1. Selection: He handpicked them. He prayed all night about it (Luke 6:12).
  2. Motivation: He selected the ones He personally wanted. There was chemistry.
  3. Connection: He chose them to be with Him. He modeled life in close proximity.
  4. Permission: He released them and gave them specific assignments.
  5. Commission: He empowered them and gave them authority to do their job.

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