Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Empowerment Part 10

Jesus Gave Ministry Away-John 20:21, 22

Many leaders say they intend to work themselves out of a job. That is exactly what Jesus did.

In John 20 Jesus puts His final touches on the empowerment of his twelve, then turns them loose. He gives them His peace (v. 21) and breathes on them to receive the power of the Holy Spirit (v. 22). This peace and power would enable them to serve supernaturally. Those men He mentored were now ready to be change agents.

How can we do the same? What steps can be taken to mentor and empower others? Note some practical applications of the process Jesus modeled:

  1. Pray for conviction and vision.
  2. Select a person or group from your sphere of influence to mentor.
  3. Spend two initial meetings together to discuss expectations and goals.
  4. Cast vision to them for spiritual reproduction.
  5. Ask for commitment.
  6. Determine what tools or resources you will use together.
  7. Prepare yourself and set goals for each meeting.
  8. Meet regularly for a set time.
  9. Discuss and apply the truths you learn together.
  10. Invest yourself in the person, the process, and the purpose.
  11. Help them find a potential person to mentor.
  12. Evaluate and launch them to try the process themselves.

Leaders Must Be Empowered-Acts 2:1-4

Leaders can never empower anyone else until they are first supernaturally empowered themselves. The term “filled with the Holy Spirit” is used five times in Acts (2:4; 4:8, 31; 9:17; 13:9). Whenever someone is filled with the Holy Spirit, something happens. Empowered leaders express God’s power, then empower others.

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