Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Empowerment Part 12

 God Changes from Inside-Romans 5:12-21

God’s leadership is transformational. Paul carefully compares and contrasts Adam’s work with Christ’s and shows the fundamental changes God makes in us. He radically and permanently changes His people from the inside out.

God never demands conduct that He doesn’t first Empower His followers to achieve. Romans provides a virtual survey of New Testament theology and of God’s empowering leadership:

  1. He liberates. 
    He frees us from the chains, stains, and pains of the past.
  2. He elevates. 
    He embraces us and lifts us up to reign with Him.
  3. He educates. 
    He gives us wise counsel and future direction.
  4. He compensates. 
    He fills areas where we are weak or lack competence.
  5. He motivates. 
    He is our source of vision, hope, and purpose.
  6. He regenerates. 
    He transforms us to live on a higher level by His supernatural resources.
  7. He activates. 
    He commissions us to obey and move forward in His cause.

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