Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Empowerment Part 15

 Elders Mentor and Model-Titus 2:1-7

Paul helps us to see four levels of leadership development. He himself represented the first level. He charged Titus as the second level. Titus was to teach older men and women, representing the third level. Finally, Titus was also to teach the young men and women, representing the fourth level. Each level was to model leadership and mentor others in leadership. This is the pattern throughout Scripture:

  1. Abraham and Lot
  2. Jacob and Joseph
  3. Jethro and Moses
  4. Moses and Joshua
  5. Naomi and Ruth
  6. Eli and Samuel
  7. Jonathan and David
  8. David and Mephibosheth
  9. Nathan and David
  10. Elijah and Elisha
  11. Elijah and the prophets
  12. Elizabeth and Mary
  13. John the Baptizer and disciples
  14. Barnabas and Saul
  15. Barnabas and Mark
  16. Paul and Silas
  17. Paul and Timothy
  18. Paul and Philemon
  19. Paul and Aquila
  20. Paul and Julius
  21. Jesus and the Twelve

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