Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Qualities: Passion Part 4

Consuming Love of God-Song of Solomon 1:1

In the Song of Solomon, we see a beautiful picture of the tender devotion that God means to be shared between a husband and wife. But we also see a picture of the love God wants His people to share with Jesus Christ.

King Solomon understood that this love was unearned and unmerited, that in many ways God poured it out on His people despite themselves. This kind of love represents an actual communion between Christ and His church. On His part, it’s a love that gives all to those with nothing to give in exchange. On our part, it is the kind of love that inspires us to hunger for more of Him, to thirst for Him to shine out through us.

Godly leaders understand that the relationship between Christ and His people amounts to far more than some kind of religious arrangement or contractual agreement. Rather, it is a relationship of love, tenderness, and passion, a relationship in which we, the bride, remain aware of our unworthiness of the Bridegroom’s love-yet bask in its limitless depths.

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