Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Confrontation Part 1
Comes with Territory-Ezekiel 23:36-39

At times a leader must confront sinful or destructive behavior in the ranks. No healthy leader enjoys confrontation, but no healthy leader avoids it, either. What can we learn from God and Ezekiel about confrontation?

1. Be compassionate. Ezekiel hurt as he recalled the sins of Israel.
2. Be forthright. Ezekiel spoke honestly and directly to the issues.
3. Be specific. Ezekiel didn’t drop hints, but gave specifics about the problem.
4. Be clear. Ezekiel spoke simply about the consequences of such behavior.
5. Be redemptive. Ezekiel communicated for the purpose of restoring the people.
6. Be hopeful. Ezekiel ended with words of hope for the future.

Join me next time for Leadership Issues: Confrontation Part 2