Go Ye Therefore

Leadership Issues: Confrontation Part 4

Reuslts in Purity and Security-1 Corinthians 5:1-13

Why is confrontation so difficult? We often misunderstand its purpose. Our goal should not be to punish or excommunicate, but to restore. Confrontation is a redemptive act of leadership. So, what are the goals of a healthy confrontation?

1. Clarification: I will get a better understanding of the person and what happened.
2. Change: I hope to get improvement from it (and it may be me!).
3. Relationship: I will likely deepen my relationship with this person.
4. Purity: As word gets out, the organization will be purified and sobered.
5. Respect: The organization will likely raise the members’ level of respect for the leadership.
6. Security: People feel safe knowing leaders are strong enough to take a stand.

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