Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 1

 Moses Became Leader-Exodus 18:19-26

Something revolutionary happened after Jethro confronted Moses over his leadership methods: Moses moved from merely ministering, to leading. Instead of doing all the judging himself, he released other leaders to join him and lead according to their gifts.

At this point the government of Israel grew exponentially. How? Moses had reproduced himself. In order to do so, he had to change both his way of thinking and his way working. Moses made seven changes to become a leader:

  1. He became a man of prayer (v. 19).
  2. He committed himself to communication (v. 20).
  3. He laid out the vision (v. 20).
  4. He developed a plan (v. 20).
  5. He selected and trained the leaders (v. 21).
  6. He released them to do the work (v. 22).
  7. He did only what they could not do (v. 22).

What happened when Moses changed? God supplied strength for Moses and peace for the people (ex. 18:23).

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