Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 2

Moses and Joshua-Numbers 27:18-23

Of all the wonderful ways Moses expressed his leadership, the most strategic had to be the training of Joshua.

Joshua became the leader who would complete the task of leading the people into the Promised Land. This successful “leadership reproduction” resulted from Moses’ example and equipping and from Joshua’s hunger and giftedness. Moses passed along his authority, abilities, and anointing to Joshua. He gave Joshua his time, his insight, a learning environment, an opportunity to prove himself, and a strong belief in his future. Because Moses spent the time necessary to reproduce himself in Joshua, his dream of Israel entering the Promised Land came to pass, even though he did not personally see it happen.

Moses’ Mentoring Process

  1. Moses empowered Joshua and gave him authority (Num. 27:20). When the time came, Moses laid his hands-on Joshua and publicly commissioned him. He gave Joshua a part of his authority (Num. 27:15-23). Joshua received positive recognition, a leader’s approval and acceptance, and Moses’ expression of faith in him. After Moses died, no one questioned Joshua’s leadership.
  2. Moses gave Joshua experience and opportunities for application (Num. 27:21-22). Joshua’s apprenticeship went beyond merely cerebral or passive. Moses and Joshua did more than talk over coffee; the apprenticeship involved hands-on experience. Moses shared his life and his responsibilities with Joshua by allowing him to prove his leadership as a spy, as a military commander, and as his personal assistant.
  3. Moses gave Joshua encouragement and affirmation (Num. 27:23). Moses repeatedly affirmed his young protégé by taking him along on excursions exclusive of anyone else. They shared a unique intimacy, almost startling considering the difference in their ages. Moses encouraged his apprentice both through his words and his time.

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