Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 2

Pharaoh Violates Law-Exodus 1:8-22

The first chapter of Exodus introduces us to a man with great power, but little character or wisdom. The leader of the most powerful nation of the ancient world, this pharaoh had little in common with the confident ruler who led Egypt during Joseph’s day. He constantly worried that others might usurp his power, felt his security threatened, and consequently sabotaged his own leadership. Notice how he responded to the challenges he faced (along with what he should have done).

Threat Pharaoh’s Response Right Response
Jewish population size Oppress and force labor Position them well
Jewish babies born Kill all the males Equip them to lead
Jewish complaints Drive them harder as slaves Lighten their loads
Racial Conflict Ruthlessly dominate them Build relationships

The Law of Empowerment teaches that only secure leaders give power to others. The emotional deficits of this pharaoh prevented him from empowering others. He felt threatened by the gifts, clout, or growing numbers of others. Consumed by damage control, he failed to benefit everyone by brokering the available talents and resources. In the end, he destroyed his nation, his army, and his own rule.

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