Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 6

Nehemiah Develops Others-Nehemiah 2:5-6:14

The Book of Nehemiah is one grand narrative on effective leadership. Consider the following list, “Ten Things I Know About Leadership.” As you may have guessed, Nehemiah models every one of these truths:

  1. Leadership is influence (2:5-8, 16-18).
  2. Great leaders are effective communicators of vision (2:17, 18).
  3. Leaders possess tremendous faith in people (3:1-32).
  4. Great leadership is always assisted by others (3:1-32; 13:13).
  5. Problem solving is the quickest way to gain leadership (4:7-23).
  6. Everything rises and falls on leadership (4:9-15).
  7. Leadership can be taught (4:21-23).
  8. Leadership must be in the hands of few, ministry in the hands of many (5:1-7).
  9. The most important ingredient to leadership is credibility/integrity (5:14-19).
  10. Leadership takes responsibility for every area of the task (6:1-14).

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