Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 9

Jesus Prepared Leaders-Matthew 10:16-33

Jesus not only sends out His twelve disciples to serve, but He reminded them that He intends to reproduce His own leadership in them. As part of the preparation process, He instruct them on what is coming:

  1. He challenges them to be wise, but innocent (v. 16).
  2. He warns them about future hardships (vv. 17, 18).
  3. He instructs them on how to handle these hardships (vv. 19, 20).
  4. He predicts their personal anguish (vv. 21, 22).
  5. He gives them hope and assurance of ultimate victory (v. 23).

Jesus also clarifies the meaning of discipleship. He continues to prepare His name for any contingency. From the perspective of an equipper, consider what Jesus teaches trainers and trainees about leadership development:

  1. Trainees should submit to the authority of the trainer (v. 24).
  2. Trainees must recognize that trainers can reproduce only what they are (v 25).
  3. Trainees are to emulate their master (v. 25).
  4. Trainees must trust God to care for their needs (vv. 26-31).
  5. Trainees are to be loyal (vv. 32, 33).

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