Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 12

Jesus’ Great IDEA-John 14:12

Jesus told His men that they would do greater works than He had done. How would this be possible?

First, He would send the Holy Spirit to live in each of them. Second, He had already given so much of himself to equip them; He had prepared them to reproduce their leadership in the lives of others. Talk about being ready to change the world!

How did Jesus mentor and reproduce His leadership in His disciples? Considered Jesus’ IDEA of how to reproduce leadership in someone else.

I nstruction

   He verbally taught them. He constantly used daily routines to instruct them in leadership.

D emonstration

   He modeled truth and let His men observe His life. He provided show-and-tell.

E xperience

   He let the disciples participate and apply the truths themselves. They got to practice.

A ssessment

   He debriefed their shared experience. He assessed their growth and gave them direction.

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