Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 14

Lead Followers, Lead Leaders-2 Timothy 2:2

God challenges us to lead leaders, not merely followers. Paul list four generations of leaders: Paul trained Timothy who trained faithful men who trained others also. Leaders who lead followers add to the organization; leaders who lead leaders multiply. Consider the chief differences between the two:

Leaders Who Lead Followers Leaders Who Lead Leaders
1. Love to be needed 1. Want to be succeeded
2. Focus on the weaknesses of people 2. Focus on the strengths of people
3. Devote attention to the bottom 20 percent priorities 3. Devote attention to the top 20 percent priorities
4. Have good influence 4. Have great influence
5. Lift up themselves 5. Lift up others
6. Spend time with people 6. Invest time with people
7. Ask for little commitment 7. Ask for much commitment
8. Lead everyone the same way 8. Lead everyone differently
9. See immediate needs clearly 9. See ultimate needs clearly
10. Impact this generation 10. Impact the next generation

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