Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Connection Part 1

God and Abram-GenesisĀ 12:1-7

At first glance, the incident at the Tower of Babel looks like an angry God bent on punishing the people for disobedience. It was much more than that; actually, God was implementing a plan called “divide and conquer. “In Genesis 11, the Lord divided the people into many language groups. In Genesis 12, He chose one of those groups and made a covenant with one of their members. God spoke to Abraham and promised to bless him, and through him to bless the entire human race. Because of that covenant, Abram became the father of the Hebrew nation.

It’s important to observe how God proposed His plan. He told Abram that He would bless him, along with his cattle, land, family, and name. God spoke to Abram heart to heart, revealing to him the blessings he would enjoy through the covenant. And Abram was no dummy: He took God up on the proposed deal.

While Abram might have chosen to obey God simply because He is God, the Lord made the effort to connect with Abram first. He touched Abraham’s heart before asking for his hand.

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