Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 15

Titus to Prepare Leaders-Titus 1:5

Paul left Titus in Crete to do two things: organize the people and appoint leaders. The new converts in Crete had experienced the power of God. Now they needed strong leadership to preserve what God had done.

Titus was a leader of leaders whom Paul trusted to solve problems in the most difficult of places. Paul knew that every church needs a leader to establish order and to develop a team of elders. This was Titus’s job, and it remains the job of leaders today. Consider the following methods of accomplishing this important task:

  1. Choose the men.

How creative am I at finding new people to invest in?

  1. Cultivate the models.

How am I doing at turning my people into examples?

  1. Create the ministries.

How am I at creating ministry opportunities for these leaders?

  1. Construct the management.

How am I at monitoring them along the way?

  1. Communicate the mindset.

How am I at constantly keeping the vision alive?

  1. Celebrate the mentoring.

How do I encourage and celebrate growth?

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