Go Ye Therefore

The Law of Reproduction Part 16

Shepherding to Developing-Titus 2:15

Paul modeled more than mere nurturing his young disciple, Titus; the apostle developed him as a leader. He focused not merely on meeting immediate needs, but on producing a leader who could go on meeting needs without Paul’s help.

Paul had a passion for developing leaders such as Timothy and Titus. Consider the necessary progression for growing beyond mere shepherding, to equipping and developing:

Shepherding Equipping Developing
1. Care 1. Train for ministry 1. Train for personal growth
2. Immediate-need focus 2. Task focus 2. Person focus
3. Need-oriented 3. Skill-oriented 3. Character-oriented
4. Masses 4. Many 4. Few
5. Maintenance 5. Addition 5. Multiplication
6. Feel better 6. Unleashing 6. Empowering
7. Immediate 7. Short-term 7. Long-term
8. Nurture 8. Teaching 8. Mentoring
9. What is the problem? 9. What do I need? 9. What do they need?
10. They begin to walk 10. They walk the first mile 10. They walk the second mile

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